The hypergraphic lamps

1977, The hypergraphic ambiance lamps are functional, cut out of wood covered with an array of letters and signs. The center, saturated with overlaid signs, distorts your vision when you try to grasp it. Their organization and their presentation are diverse and there are multiple translations of internal relations that each viewer will discover for himself. These artistic lamps remain open to an infinite variety of resonances. The multiple play of light and shadow that they produce while darkening other parts through their illumination constitutes an inexhaustible source of experience and enrichment that brings out a sonority that is always new and multiplying.

Lampe muraleLampe muraleLampe muraleLampe murale
Alain Satié : Lampe murale
Lampe murale - 1981 (bois peint et système électrique) 107 x 116 cm
Présentée en 1988 à la Galerie Praz-Delavalade (Paris) : Mobilier lettriste