Furniture Art

1979, Alain Satié published Notes pour le bouleversement de l'art du meuble (Notes for the Upheaval of Furniture Art) and presented the culmination of his research and work in this art the same year at the Luxembourg Museum in the Salon de la lettre et du signe. His furniture exists in a limited edition.

It is important here to emphasize that Alain Satié is the exclusive initiator of a successful transformation in the art of furniture. His intellectual rigor helped him to accomplish this scrupulously starting from specific creative structures. He used various degrees of investigations through all the dimensions of chiseling, hypergraphics, infinitesimal and super-temporal graphics, and using his discipline in the restricted style of a cabinetmaker, and to evolve it into an ordered masterpiece of formal structures.

Chaises, fauteuil de bureauFauteuil de bureauChaiseChaiseDécoration d'une salle de billardEnsemble de chaises et tableLa garde-robe de l'année 1977Décoration d'une salle de billard
Alain Satié : Chaise
Chaise - 1977 (bois sipo) h.160 cm
Présentée en 1986 à la Galerie Michel Broomhead (Paris) : Alain Satié 1964 - 1986
Reproduite en 1991 in Exposé sur les créations de Alain satié